Discover the medieval village of Yvoire on the shores of Lake Geneva

History and culture

Located on the French banks of Lake Geneva, surrounded by the Jura mountains and the Alps, Yvoire is a must-visit tourist city in Haute-Savoie. This medieval village, which, at the start of the 20th century was home to the fishing industry, is today featured on the official list of France’s most beautiful villages.

Thanks to the village’s exceptional location at the heights of the lake, Amadeus V, Count of Savoy, built the Château d’Yvoire on the site of a former stronghold at the start of the 14th century. He surrounded it by a fortified village, providing both a strategic route between Geneva and Italy through the high valley of the Rhône, and the ideal vantage point for overseeing the comings and goings on Lake Geneva.

History and culture buffs will enjoy visiting the village’s art galleries, as well as the History Museum, with its fun and educational retelling of the story of Yvoire.


Walks & cruises

From Villa Cécile, a number of cruises on the lake and walks along the lakeside footpaths are yours to discover, both during the warm weather, or when winter’s cold winds come to freeze the lake’s shores and intersections.

Embark on a cruise aboard the lake’s sightseeing “Hippo” boat. Once you have left the shore, you are sure to appreciate the uninterrupted views of the medieval village, its stone houses and colourful flowers with, in the background, the mountain ridges, from the legendary Dent d’Oche to the Crêtes des Voirons.

For those staying a little longer, why not take advantage of our complimentary discovery cruise or water taxi trip? Set off at your leisure from the Yvoire harbour for a fast and comfortable trip.

Exploration and walks

Nature lovers will enjoy walking through the 24-hectare Rovorée-La Châtaignière estate, which is home to a remarkable collection of several-century-old sweet chestnut trees, in the company of family or friends.

Guests also have the possibility of exploring the “Jardin des Cinq Sens”, which is made up of a green maze and several vegetation rooms using the theme of the five senses.